Our Services

We exist to serve our clients with utmost sincerity for Project, Data and Analysis needs.

For Private Sector

A successful business starts with the proper planning and documentation of that plan till execution. We are happy to help you in Project Profiling and Reporting.

Our thorough Financial, Industry, Market and Technical analysis help us provide you with a comprehensive and fail-proof Business Plan.

We have done numerous Market Studies to sense the pulse of the market and tested the product-market fit as per clients’ need

Our global alliances and consulting network are at your service for making your local company’s global presence or bringing international companies / franchises here in Bangladesh

For PPP & GOVT. Initiatives

We help organizations prepare both solicited and unsolicited PPP proposals for submission in relevant authorities. We work as a conduit between the private sector and public sector for PPP project promotions.

Our thorough mentality in large scale project conceptualization helps us grasp the broader perspectives of Govt. initiatives.

We prepare Directorate and Department based documents and presentations.

Our team of experts help Govt. offices to properly organize and document the highlights with proper emphasis and prepare the Annual Reports for them.

For Development Sector

We carry out benchmarking activities for baseline studies through tools like Logical Framework Model, which acts as the yardstick for your subsequent midline and endline studies

Developing robust business models requires answering critical business queries. We leverage our cutting-edge research methodology and on-ground support network to answer these questions. We specialize in gathering industry specific facts, recognizing critical success parameters and seeking out opportunities for you to carve your own niche and redefine the benchmark.

By conducting thorough value chain analysis, we shed light on developing better interventions for you to solve bottlenecks in the chain. Improved chain relations are expected to yield tangible benefits in terms of economic performance and, in some cases, poverty reduction

Working on myriad cases of inclusive market systems, we have gathered deep insights to be able to deliver sustainable solutions that work in the context of emerging economies.


How We Work

We take project briefs and input from the client.

We collect data and insights from the industry and market with Survey, FGD, KIIs, Corporate Espionage etc.

We cross-check and verify the data, analyse and put our industry expertise into it to come up with the best possible solutions for our clients’ needs.

Our Expert Analysts revise and redesign the projects till we satisfy our clients.

We deliver only after we add value to a particular project.